Essay Shark Features

Essay Shark is an academic writing service for teachers. They feature standard writing, editing, and proofreading services. In order to explore their features, we placed an order for essay help, read several reviews of EssayShark written by students, and otherwise took action to evaluate this service. Our goal was to determine whether or not students should give this service a second look. Keep reading to learn more about what we uncovered.

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Quality of Support

Unfortunately, the only way to contact support is to find the support link all the way at the bottom of the page. Then, you can email them. This means waiting for a response. If you’d like a fast answer, well…that’s just too bad. We submitted a question and did not hear from anyone for more than 24 hours. Imagine if we’d had a paper due the next day!

However, we can say that we did receive a thorough answer from a very polite representative. That is positive. Still, shouldn’t live customer support be a given at this point? There’s also no real self-service options either. We wouldn’t have been able to find our own answers, even if we’d wanted to.

EssayShark main page - screen capture shows the order form right after loading the website

All About Prices

There’s no standard price structure here. Most services charge for each page of writing. Here, you place an order, then take bids. Our bids ranged from 30 to 60 dollars per page. That’s very expensive. We split the difference and paid 40 dollars per page for a standard, undergraduate, English 101 essay. Our order was very basic. We requested MLA formatting, double spaced, and just three sources. To put these prices in perspective, most other companies charge about 20 a page. If you don’t want to take bids, you can manually select one of their top writers.

Writer and Product Quality

We received our essay, and one thing was quite clear. We were not working with the best writers in the industry. Essay Shark and the freelance writers who work through them work very hard at creating the impression that they are all highly educated, professional writers. Many are college students or homemakers who make money at academic writing. Not all are qualified. Many do not speak English as their native tongue. The latter isn’t always a problem, but it’s important that services verify that their writers are at least fluent. This is clearly not being done here.

We received our essay and were absolutely dismayed at the quality. It was full of errors. It was easily 100 words short. Worse, it simply was poorly written. The writer obviously did not grasp the subject matter. That’s pretty bad considering this was such an elementary assignment.

Services That Essay Shark Offers

In addition to essays, all of the other standard academic paper types are listed here. This includes articles, term papers, research papers, presentations, reports, thesis and dissertation work, and more. Other services are likely available under the ‘other’ category. However, we just focused on academic writing. They advertise a blog. However, this is really just stubs of writing samples. The writing on these is decent, but not necessarily what you will get if you place an order.

Discounts That Are Available

Because there are no set prices, there are also no discounts. You simply negotiate with your writer. Unfortunately, the high prices mean you are very unlikely to save a lot of money.

Total Rating

Here’s the bottom line. You’re better off using another service. We rate this one as poor. The writing, prices, and lack of support are very disappointing. Check out one of the dozens of other content providers instead of this one.