Essay Writing Service Review


EduBirdie is a global, online writing service. It connects students with freelance writers who are willing to help them with a variety of assignments. Of course, popularity and size don’t always translate into quality. Can Edubirdie really deliver on their promise of great writing for students? We’ve placed an order, received our paper, and explored the EduBirdie website. We’ve also read professional reviews as well as those written by students. Keep reading to learn more.

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Quality of Support

We found the tab that linked to EduBirdie support. We were a bit disappointed to find that it wasn’t live support. Instead, we had to leave our email address and a message. They promised to get back to us soon.

EduBirdie homepage screenshot
Unlike many services, they don’t provide you with an ordering form right away

Honestly, this is a problem. What if we weren’t ready to share our email address yet? It’s pretty presumptuous to expect students to give up personal data so early on. On a positive note, we did receive a thorough answer within a couple of hours. The site also has an FAQ page.

All About Prices

Most services have set rates. They usually charge a specific amount per page. The exact figure usually depends on the type of writing, academic level, and deadline. That’s not the case here. Instead, you submit your order, and freelance writers bid on your project. We can say that the prices vary wildly. We submitted an order for a basic 5 paragraph essay. The details were:

  • Two Pages
  • MLA Format
  • Two Resources Cited
  • Topic: Soil Erosion

We received bids ranging from 61 dollars to 140 dollars. That’s 30.50 per page to 70 dollars per page. Most websites, even those that are considered to be pricey charge 25 dollars per page or less. We took the lowest bid, had a brief conversation with our writer, and let them go at it.

Writer and Product Quality

Writers at EduBirdie all create unique screen names for themselves. So, you don’t actually know who is working on your paper. Most names begin with high-faulting titles like ‘Doctor’ or ‘Professor’. Don’t be fooled. These folks are not at the top of their games. These are mostly college students, many not English speaking, who are looking for writing work to pay the bills.

We’re not totally against this. To be honest, there is a lot of academic writing work out there that can be done by bright college students. The issue is that EduBirdie represents these folks as professional writers.

As you might imagine, the ‘professor’ who wrote our essay was not the best of the best. The paper we received was missing any citations. It was full of grammatical errors, and barely skimmed the surface of our topic.

Services That EduBirdie Offers

The focus here is clearly on students who need help with academic writing assignments. When we placed our order, we noted that they included all of the standard writing types. We selected an essay, but they also listed articles, research papers, thesis, dissertations, reports, term papers, etc. They don’t list copywriting specifically, but there is an ‘other’ category.

In addition to writing services, we found a bit of extra content. There’s a blog that fairly well written. They also offer a plagiarism checker. We take the latter with a grain of salt though. A plagiarism checker is only as good as its database, and most students are better off using one that is commercially available.

Discounts That Are Available

There’s not much chance to save money here. There are no coupons or discount codes. Instead, you can receive credits if you refer people, and they place an order.

Total Rating

It might be pretty clear that we weren’t all that impressed. Our final product was simply unacceptable. There’s also no good way to get help if you have questions, or you’re unhappy with your final product. Pricing is also extremely high. Why would anyone use this, when they can get fairly good writing by using a standard content provider. We say avoid this one and keep shopping around.