Essay Writing Service Review

Papers Owl Features

Papers Owl is an online, academic writing service. It is owned by the same company that owns Edubirdie, and several other services. They feature a bid based system where students submit requests for papers, then receive offers from supposedly professional writers. In order to prepare for this review, we placed an order, read student-written reviews, and explored the Papers Owl website. Keep reading to learn more about our experiences. Scroll to the bottom for the TL, DR and our final thoughts.

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Quality of Support

We were very disappointed that there is no live customer service option that you can select manually. The only live option seems to pop up sporadically, and not always when you need it. Instead, you fill out a form with your email address and wait for a response. You don’t receive any information as to when you’ll hear back. We waited 48 hours for an answer to a reasonably simple question. We looked but could find no self-service options, or FAQ. main page - screenshot
To make an order, clients have to subscribe to their email newsletters

When we finally got an answer we weren’t very impressed. It was terse and incomplete. The answer also contradicted what was stated on the website. Readers should also know that if they have complaints about the services they receive, they are completely on their own. Papers Owl will not provide them with any backup.

All About Prices

Here, it’s impossible to know exactly what you will pay ahead of time. There are no posted prices. Instead, you fill out the order form and describe your assignment. Writers then bid in an attempt to get you to hire them.

We have no way of knowing what you might be charged. We can say that the bids we received were between two and three times the rates charged at other writing services. Most services charge between 15 and 25 dollars per page. We received bids starting at 30 dollars per page and going up from there.

Writer and Product Quality

Almost every writer presents themselves as Ph.D., professor, or doctor. Based on the top reviews we read, this is not the case. These are mostly students and others making some side cash. Many have no experience with academic research and writing. We suspect our writer did not, and it showed in the paper we received. Be warned that if you need essay help, there’s no way to be sure if your writer is actually qualified. Our paper was full of mistakes, and just not written at a university level.

Services That Papers Owl Offers

The main focus here is academic writing. We ordered an essay for a college student. It was a very basic request. Other writing types are research papers, term papers, academic articles, reports, presentations, dissertations, etc. We did not inquire about copywriting or resumes specifically. However, there is an ‘other’ category that may include those.

Discounts That Are Available

There are absolutely no discounts here. You simply negotiate the best deal with no assistance. This makes pricing out your order a bit difficult. Some writers will work with you, while others will not.

Total Rating

Papers Owl ranks quite low on our list of writing services. They lose points on customer support, writing, and overall quality. If you’re looking for the best writing service options, keep looking. This one is not worth the money.