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EssayPro is an online writing service that largely targets students as their primary customers. They operate using a bid based system. This is an alternative to The Standard price per page system that most writing services use. In order to evaluate this service, we place an order for essay help, explore the essay Pro website, compared prices, and read reviews from other sources. The write-up below gives more detail on our experiences. Our final recommendations are at the bottom.

Direct Communication

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Low Prices

Very fast delivery

Real reviews

Low Prices

Excellent writers

Canadian team

Low Prices

Quality of Support

We would rank support here somewhere between average and below-average. Sometimes live support is available. However, in many cases, you simply have to leave a message with your email, and then wait to get help. The best news is that when we did receive information it was always accurate, and the customer service agent went into enough detail to be thorough.

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We just hope it’s not one of their writers on this photo

People who prefer to find their own information will be fairly happy with what they find here. There is an essay writing guide, a Blog that’s largely focused on essay writing tips, an about us page, FAQ, and other information. This is one area where they have clearly put in some effort.

All About Prices

Essay Pro lists $15 per page as the minimum price you will pay for a document. In reality, you will most likely pay much more. Rather than charging per page, you place your order then received bids from freelance writers. These are generally much higher than the minimum stated. Our bids ranged from 28 to $50 per page. This is extraordinarily high-priced. Usually, the top price for a basic undergraduate essay would be around $22 per page. It is up to the customer to negotiate with the writer the exact terms of their agreement.

Writer and Product Quality

It’s a bit eye-roll inducing to see the bids coming in once you place an order. Everybody uses titles such as professor, doctor, or Ph.D. Unfortunately, you have no way of verifying anybody’s actual qualifications. There’s a rating system but it’s obviously not independently verified. Based on our experiences and reviews we have read; the qualifications of the average writer here are pretty suspect.

Our writer did not appear to know much at all about the subject matter. They also did not grasp the requirements of academic research or writing. The paper we got as a result was pretty terrible. There were a lot of factual errors, as well as grammatical mistakes. The writer did not want to do a revision, so we took that up with essay Pro customer support. They informed us that we would have to work that out with the writer. So, buyer beware if you are not happy with your paper oh, you are largely on your own.

Services That Essay Pro Offers

As the name suggests, this is a writing service geared towards students and their needs. In addition to essays, they offer professional research papers, term papers, reports, presentations, application essays, dissertation services, and more. Business copywriting is available although it is not advertised explicitly.

Discounts That Are Available

There are no discounts here. This is because there is no set pricing, and everything is negotiated between the writer and the customer. The only way to save money is to negotiate a deal where your writer provides you with extra content without charging you any additional money.

Total Rating

We really like this website and found it easy to navigate. There’s a lot of interesting information here. We also like the idea of a bid-based pricing system. Unfortunately, the most important thing is writing quality. Here essay Pro fails miserably. They clearly do not have a means of verifying that their writers are qualified. Worse they don’t help customers who are unhappy with the papers they received. As a result, our overall rating is poor.