So, here’s an online writing service that has been around for about five years. It has a pretty full website, with lots of links to find the information you might need, as you consider using them.
They talk a lot about their writers, even featuring them with pictures and the number of writing orders they have completed. They all have “official-looking” seals, but upon closer look, the words are like “customer choice.” They also claim that all writers have advanced degrees from U.S., Canadian, or UK universities.

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Customer Support

We had lots of questions after we read through the website content. So, we called first. The agent was a bit difficult to understand, due to a foreign accent, but we specifically wanted to ask about dissertations. There was a sample dissertation on the site that was only 18 pages long. It was pretty clear that this agent didn’t know what a dissertation was either. website screenshot
You can make an order right at the first screen

We moved onto live chat. Here we were told that a dissertation could be written, even including primary research, but that it would be “hypothetical” and would require additional fees for that research.

Reasonable Prices

If you are in high school and order an essay with a 14-day deadline, you can get it for $10.99/page. A Ph.D. student with a more urgent deadline will pay $49/page. There are also pricing matrixes for editing, re-writing, homework assignments, business writing, and more.

You can calculate your price on the site before you decide whether to buy or not.

It’s All About Quality

The only thing that really matters when you use an essay service is getting top quality. You want a professional and qualified writer; you want your instructions to be followed; you want originality, and you want it delivered on time.

Here’s where things break down at Cool Essay:

  • Samples that they say reflect their quality are badly written. The language is typical of ESL writing, complete with incorrect sentence structure and word usage.
  • Customer reviews that we found were not good either – lots of complaints about resources and writing quality
  • The blog articles are on interesting topics but, again, not written in proper English
  • We ordered a short research paper and experienced the same issues. Certainly, the quality is not the best out there elsewhere.

Full-Service Agency

There is a link to all of the writing services that this company offers – academic and business writing, resume/CV/cover letter documents, assignments, test-taking, editing, proofreading, re-writing.


There are no standard discounts given to all customers, probably because prices are somewhat less than most writing services. But you are told on the site that they are willing to work with you and, if you call the customer support department, you can probably get some kind of discount. We got 5% off our research paper order.

Total Rating –

If you want premier essay help or any other kind of writing product or service, you may want to look somewhere else. We are not high in this company.