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So, here’s a writing service that has been around a long time. It sports a full well-organized website with gobs of information on products and services, along with a description of its business model – one that is less common than that of most writing services.


Direct Communication

Math Experts

Low Prices


Very fast delivery

Real reviews

Low Prices


Excellent writers

Canadian team

Low Prices


The most unique feature about Essay Supply is this: the company does not assign a writer to your order. You do. Basically, you complete an order form with all of your details and submit it without paying.
The company then sends that order on to writers who have the credentials to complete it. They then send you bids. When you receive those bids, you can talk with each writer and ask them about their background and experience. You can also negotiate prices before you make a final decision.
Once you settle on a writer and price, you then put your money on account with the company. That money isn’t released till you get your product and approve it.

EssaySupply reviews in Canada
Essay Writing Service Review


There is a customer support department, and it is active via email messaging. Because all of the details are worked out between customer and writer directly, the only time support is needed is if there is an issue.
And if you don’t like your product or, worse, don’t get it? Just let them know and get your money back.
Because the money is held until the end, a writer has a strong motivation to be professional, to complete your order and to complete it exactly as you want.


The company advertises that prices begin at $13.40/page, which is probably the going price for a high school essay.
We ordered an 8-page history research paper, got 8 bids, and “interviewed” each writer, asking for samples too. If you have the time to do this, it is really the way to get the writer you think will do the best job.


So, how do you judge the quality of writing?
We judged it by looking at samples of writers’ work.
We also read several blog posts – they are really well-written on a variety of topics.
And we looked around the web for customer reviews – all were positive.
Again, if the quality isn’t what you want, you simply withhold payment until it is.


You can get just about any kind of writing, whether you are a student, a web-based business owner, in need of copywriting, or a job seeker in need of a resume or CV. There are writers on hand for it all.


Obviously, there are none. You get a price by negotiating with your writer, and that’s it.

Total Rating

We think this company is top notch. People like the model, like choosing their own writer, and are happy with the quality they get. Best of all, writers are motivated to do a great job, or they don’t get paid.
Whether you need essay help or any other kind of writing, we think you’ll like Essay Supply.