Essay Supply Review – Can You Expect a Legit Service for Its Price?

So, here’s a writing service that has been around for a long time. It sports a full well-organized website with gobs of information on products and services, along with a description of its business model – one that is less common than that of most writing services.


You might be wondering why we’ve chosen for review. They don’t have a .ca domain or Canada anywhere in their company title so what’s the deal?

Well, there are a few reasons for our decision. First of all, this company offers a very interesting order processing system. They work as a middle-man between a client and a writer. A customer just has to input the details of their paper and then, writers will offer their services and compete for this order. It might sound a little tricky but we’ll explain it in more detail later in our article. The obvious benefit is that you’re safe from scam writers – they just won’t get your payment until you’re satisfied with the result.

Direct Communication

Math Experts

Low Prices

Very fast delivery

Real reviews

Low Prices

Excellent writers

Canadian team

Low Prices

Secondly, the company has an interesting online history. As we’ve learned from their website, EssaySupply has been in business since 2015. However, there isn’t any feedback about their writing services on websites like Jabber or Trustpilot. That’s strange because every company we’ve reviewed before tries to create a perfect online image. They write laudatory comments and often, delete the negative ones.

It’s not the case with though. It looks like they don’t invest in crowd marketing (it’s how this promotion technique is called) at all. It seems as this writing company hopes only for the top quality of its services to speak for itself to attract new clients. We decided to check if this can be true and their writers deserve your trust. Besides, a company doesn’t have to own a local domain to offer great customer support and Canada-tailored services. Without further delays, let’s get to our Essay Supply review. homepage - screenshot
A simple order form if you’re in a hurry

Features of the company

The most unique feature about is the one we’ve touched upon in the beginning: the company does not assign a writer to your order. You do. Basically, what you need to do is pretty simple. You setup a profile on their website. Then, you complete an order form with all of your details and submit it without paying.

The company then sends that order on to writers who have the credentials to complete it. They then send you offers to try to win bids at Essay Supply system. When you receive those bids, you can talk with each writer and ask them about their background and experience. You can also negotiate prices before you make a final decision.

Once you settle on a writer and price, you then put your money on account with your contact details. That money isn’t released till you get your product and approve it.

Quality of Support

There is a customer support department, and it is active via email messaging. Because all of the details are worked out between customer and writer directly, the only time support management is needed is if there is an issue.

And if you don’t like your product or, worse, don’t get it? Just let them know and get your money back.

Because the money is held until the end, a writer has a strong motivation to be professional, to complete your order and to complete it exactly as you want.

What Are The Prices?

The company advertises that prices begin at $13.40/page, which is probably the going price for a high school essay.

We ordered an 8-page history research paper, got 8 bids, and “interviewed” each writer, asking for samples too. If you have the time to do this, it is really the way to get the writer you think will do the best job.

Content Quality

So, how do you judge the quality of writing?

We judged it by looking at samples of writers’ work we’ve chosen to test.

We also read several blog posts – they are really well-written on a variety of topics and with proper grammar. And we looked around the web for customer reviews – all were positive so everything seems legit.

Again, if the quality isn’t what you want, you simply withhold payment until it is so there shouldn’t be any problem with this.


You can get just about any kind of writing, whether you are a student, a web-based business owner, in need of copywriting, or a job seeker in need of a resume or CV. There are writers on hand for it all.

EssaySupply services list - screenshot
Plenty of services for every client

As you can see, offers various writing services for every situation. They can not only help you with your academic paper of different levels and subjects but their writers can help you with proofreading, copywriting or even a resume. Additionally, you can expect math help from their educators. Everything is in one place.

Can You Get Discounts?

Obviously, there are none. You get a price by negotiating with your writer, and that’s it. On the other hand, the bidding system means that you can get revisions for free or the writer won’t get your payment until you’re satisfied with the quality.

Essay Supply Reviews Online

We mentioned this in the introduction of our review. There are no comments about EssaySupply on websites like Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Quora or Reddit. There could be different reasons for this. Their clients are really satisfied with their orders and have no reason to complain (and we know that customers rarely go to other websites to leave a positive comment). Or is just because this company doesn’t have many clients so that few of them would go and post something about their experience with this writing service.

Therefore, you won’t find screenshots of the customer complaints about this company like we did it in some of the other reviews. Is it bad that didn’t get a client feedback on the abovementioned websites? It’s up to you to decide. We tend to believe that it can be considered a rather positive sign in the age when every unhappy client tries to mock their service provider for every small error and businesses, in return, post hundreds of fake positive comments online.

Total Rating

As always, we’re concluding our Essay Supply review with the total rating and some final words. We think this company is top-notch and deserves your trust. People like the model, like choosing their writer, and are happy with the quality they get. Best of all, writers are motivated to do a great job, or they don’t get paid.

Whether you need essay help or any other kind of writing, we think you’ll like working with this college service and will be happy with this solution.